new works

3d building

China rendering team focuses on the field of digital 3d, the service of china rendering team from urban planning and design, architecture,
urban design, real estate development.
As a team of three dimension , our working department including :three dimension department, architectural rendering department, 3d
animation department, we are working for clients from abroad.

Skillful technique: china rendering team is composed with architecture, art, creative professional group, we not only present 3d rendering
from the view of architect, but also from the working reality and deepen details. Find a reasonable method to present to match the product
design and market requirement, every successful project of china rendering team, which prove china rendering team is qualify to make the 3d
technique to be an art.
China rendering team main clients from real estate, urban planning design company, architecture design institute, garden landscape design
company, government, different area, and different customer needs. China rendering team are accepted by different company, Our service
objective is to get customer input for maximum value in return.

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